My Story
As a kid I grew up around cameras and my father used to own few Film cameras from Yashica to Nikon Film with many different lenses lying around. I was naturally curious how it all used to work.  Being expensive and conspicuous a SLR in hands of a teenager was never a favorable scenario.  Though I used to sneak it out and learn few techniques, it was not the gear I learnt photography on.
My photographic journey began probably around 2006 when I got my first Sony handy-cam. It was meant to shoot videos but I was rather interested in taking photos.  As I started to take better pictures on this 2.1mp Camera we decided to buy a Digital SLR Nikon D80. The day I got the camera home, I stayed up all night to explore all about its features, how exposure works, what is depth of field, what is white balance etc. I believe I changed the way I looked at photography. I believe I truly found my love for the travel and landscape photography when I visited Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. Looking at the beauty offered by these places made my heart drawn to photography even more.
My professional photography began when I moved to Dallas, Texas for my masters, I took a job as a photographer in a Newspaper, where I explored journalistic approach to photography. I believe photography is all about telling a story and emotions though a picture. While I worked there, I started my own venture for wedding and portrait photography which I really enjoyed but my love for travel, landscapes and nature always remain untouched.
Later I moved to, Los Angeles where I focused more on my Travel and Landscapes photography. I was able to photography many beautiful places while I was there. California, truly offers a lot of variety of unique landscapes you can find superb beaches, Great mountains, forests and vast desserts all in few hours of driving. As they say you can surf and snowboard on the same day. These were best 3 years of my life. Now that I moved to The Great White North, I am hoping to explore around Canada while I am here.
I am grateful to have friends and family who gave me encouragement and way to my passion. I was very fortunate to find a life partner who is supportive and patient with my photography and while I wait for the perfect shot.
2018 I have decided to start Scenes Beyond Canvas to bring you the best of my work in the past and upcoming years. I am hoping that you will enjoy my work and encourage me to continue doing what I do.

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